Radiesse A Way To Radiant, Glowing Skin

Radiesse are dermal fillers that are used for polishing moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds that spreads from corner of your nose to the corner of your mouth. Radiesse is also helpful for replenishing loss of volume in the back of your hands Radiesse is a cutting edge cosmetic filler,…



The quest for chronic Migraine relief from Botox

In the chase to find relief from chronic migraine headaches, you may have tried almost anything. After all migraines can be agonizing and debilitating and they can potentially affect your efficiency. If you endure migraine symptoms persisted for more than 15 days every month, you may have chronic migraine. Over the counter drugs and prescription…



Planning a fruitful successful weight loss management

Do you think you need a weight loss, or have you been thinking about  working with weight loss management program? You are not alone, more than 70 percent of the US adults are overweight or obese. Many of them try to lose extra pounds by adopting to a different sort of weight loss management plan.…



Things you should consider before laser facial rejuvenation

Laser skin rejuvenation is a justified way to help straighten wrinkles, age spots, acne scars and other blemishes as well as tightening the skin and balance complexion, however, as lasers can do so much and may differ in how they act on your skin, it is quite difficult to know where to initiate the treatment.…


Non-surgica- facelift-methods-have-widely-grown-in-popularity

Non surgical facelift methods have widely grown in popularity

Non surgical facelift methods have widely grown in popularity with the increase in new technology and modern products. A non surgical face lift concerns generally a combination of non-invasive injections or laser procedures that together results in overall facial rejuvenation. Commonly the non surgical facelift is also called liquid facelift or lunch time facelift. Without…



Dr Ayesha Akbar understands your desire to a youthful skin

Usually when people initiate to observe the signs of aging on their face such as wrinkled skin and the growth of jowls. A smooth, PRP non-surgical facelift can fulfill the youthful appearance you once had This is a great announcement for patients who are seeking to achieve their youthful appearance, but who are not yet…



Ready to go skin with laser hair removal

Throw away the razors, no more waxing. Now you can get ready in seconds, at a sudden call. Laser treatments for hair removal  offers fast and reliable, permanent hair removal. The founder of Midwest Anti Aging and MED Spa, Ayesha Akbar an experienced endocrinologist and Antiaging specialist use the most modern technologies and the most…


Obstacles-to-Weight-Loss-and -How-to-Deal-with-it

Obstacles to Weight Loss and How to Deal with it

We often come to the idea of weight loss management for a variety of different reasons. The reasons are often short termed to manage losing weight like swimsuit season, wedding or getting in shape to appear slimmer in a high school reunion. These fleeting reasons may give you a quick burst of motivation, but very…